North Norfolk Pilates Class Time Table

Pilates Classes


Class Sessions Price Per Session
All levels of Block Booked classes 5, 6 or 7 depending on start date £9 daytime and £8 evening
Drop in sessions (T & C's apply) Specific classes only for non block booked clients, or drop into any additional class if you're on a block non block booked client £10 / block booked client £8 
Taking a second regular block  5, 6 or 7 depending on start date 15% discount on second class
Class Pass - come to any class on any day (subject to availability and must pre book)  5 classes of your choice  5 classes for £50 which have to be taken within 10 weeks of payment* (exclusive of half term class breaks).

You must complete an enrolment form prior to your first class. Drop in sessions for non block booked clients are available on Wednesday's in the 9.30, 2.45 and 5.45 classes and on Friday mornings at 11am to anyone with Pilates experience, however you must book in advance and may be liable to charge if you subsequently cancel with less than 24hrs notice. If you're already booked onto a term, then you may take extra drop in classes at any other session, subject to availability. See the 'More Information' section on drop in sessions below. All other classes are block book only. In order not to disrupt a class that has already started, please note if you are more than 10 minutes late to your class on more than one occasion, without prior agreement, then you may risk not being allowed to to join the class.

Term 6 - Nov 18 to Dec 18: dates below


Time Class Venue
09.30 - 10.30 from 19.11 - 26.11 Beginners / Improvers The Pheasant Hotel, Kelling
10.45 - 11.45 from 19.11 - 26.11 Gentle Pilates The Pheasant Hotel, Kelling
17.45 - 18.45 from 19.11 - 10.12 Pilates for Healthy Backs course The Pheasant Hotel, Kelling


Time Class Venue
09.30 - 10.30 from 20.11 - 11.12 Beginners / Improvers The Pheasant Hotel
10.45 - 11.45 from 20.11 - 11.12 Beginners The Pheasant Hotel
17.30 - 18.30 from 20.11 - 11.12 Improvers The Studio, Kelling Estate



Time Class Venue
09.30 - 10.30 from 21.11 - 12.12 Pilates for Bone Health (Osteoporosis friendly) **drop in class Edgefield Village Hall
11.30 - 12.30 from 21.11 - 12.12 Beginners / Improvers The Studio, Kelling Estate
14.45 - 15.45 from 21.11 - 12.12 Beginners (no class on 28.11 3 week term) **drop in class The Studio, Kelling Estate
17.45 - 18.45 from 21.11 - 12.12 Improvers (no class on 28.11 3 week term) **drop in class Edgefield Village Hall


Time Class Venue
09.30 - 10.30 from 06.12 - 12.12 Improvers The Pheasant Hotel, Kelling
10.45 - 11.45 from 06.12 - 12.12 Gentle Pilates (Osteoporosis friendly and with chairs available) The Pheasant Hotel, Kelling


Time Class Venue

11.00 - 12.00 from 30.11 - 14.12

Beginners/Improvers ** drop in class  Massy's Gym, Blakeney

**See 'More Information' section below for details on drop in classes



Time Date Venue
You must contact us to book a time Thursday 3rd January 2019 Sheringham Golf Club

Want to find out what your BONE HEALTH is like? In conjunction with I have arranged for them to visit Sheringham Golf Club on Thursday 3rd January 2019 to hold a mobile BONE SCANNING CLINIC. The results will be immediate and you will be given you T Scores and FRAX scores which depending on your bone health, you may be advised to visit your GP with the results for further investigation and treatment. The price is £135 and you must book in advance. 

Osteoporosis (low bone density) can be life limiting, painful and even a cause of death, unless managed. At present unless you have a fracture, are over a certain age or have obvious risk factors, your bone density won’t be tested by the NHS and this silent disease will go undetected. In the interest of understanding more about my own bone health, I tried the new EchoS bone densityscan with MyBoneHealth. They offer the first commercial Echo S in use in the UK. I have been extremely lucky to discover that even though I'm only 44 and have led an active and healthy lifestyle, I have Osteopenia, which is the precursor to Osteoporosis. This means I'm now looking at changing how I exercise (introducing more strength training and less cardio), my nutritional needs (more alkaline diet) and my hormone levels. I am so LUCKY to have been given this opportunity to find this out now! If I hadn't have taken the test, I would never have known and would have gone decades with my bones slowly crumbling and then would most certainly go onto develop Osteoporosis. By changing diet and exercise, I am able to reverse the condition with work: watch this space!! 



North Norfolk Group Pilates Classes - Time Tables

More Information

Free Classes with BUPA - tell me more!

Get A Free Full Motion Pilates Class With Bupa Rewards

Body Control Pilates has exclusively partnered up with Bupa Rewards in an exciting move that offers Bupa members either a free introductory class or 50% off a one-to-one Pilates lesson.

As a member of Body Control Pilates, Full Motion Pilates has signed up to the scheme and looks forward to welcoming Bupa members to one of my Pilates classes.

To claim your free class, or half price one-to-one lesson, all you need to do is log onto the Bupa Rewards site with your membership details and search for Pilates to find more details and your exclusive voucher. Check out the times and locations of classes and contact us to let us know when you’d like to come along! (subject to availability).

“Keeping physically active can prevent a range of health conditions and boost your mental wellbeing.” Bupa

“Our mission has been to bring the benefits of Pilates to everyone. To this end, we have created a method that is effective, safe and challenging: a method that is taught by teachers with unrivalled skills, knowledge and integrity.” Lynne Robinson, founder of Body Control Pilates

Do you offer drop in classes?

Most classes are block bookings only in order to guarantee your space, however, on Wednesdays at 9.30-10.30 in Edgefield or 2.45-3.45 at The Studio, plus Friday's 11.00-12.00 at Massy's Gym in Blakeney, we offer 'drop in' classes at £10 per session. These classes are open to anyone with prior Pilates experience. An enrolment form must be completed before joining they are subject to availability so you must book in advance. If you are already booked onto a term, then subject to availability, you are able to drop in to any other classes at the price of £8.

What if I miss a class in my term?

Should you not be able to make one of your classes, if there is space available, you will be able to make up your missed lesson in another class in the same term. Please check for availability. It is really helpful for you to tell us in advance if you are unable to make any sessions within the term as we are then able to offer 'swaps' to other clients that may be in the same position, giving you the opportunity to enjoy more flexibility.

Group Classes - what levels are offered?

Daytime and evening mat based classes are offered which cater for all levels of ability. For complete beginners, Full Motion Pilates offers a four week Introduction Class in order for you to master the ABC’s of Pilates before moving on to the Foundation or Beginners / Improvers Class where you can work at the level that suits you. Pilates for Bone Health is aimed at men and women over 50 although is suitable for any age. It's suitable for people with Osteoporosis. We also offer Gentle Pilates which is suitable for the less mobile. The Gentle Pilates class avoids Four Point Kneeling (exercises done on the hands and knees), Flexion exercises (bending/rounding the spine forward) and some exercises are done seated on a chair. Classes which state exclusively 'Improvers' are suited to people with either no injuries or medical issues, or issues that are 'old and cold'. If you request to join any class which states 'Improvers' in the knowledge you have any issues as stated above, you must take full responsibilty for yourself and listen to your body. No responsibility can be accepted by Full Motion Pilates for any injuries arising as a result of taking a class or performing exercises which are beyond your capability or if you haven't followed the instructions or exercise modifications which are offered. 

Is Pilates right for me?

Anyone can benefit from taking regular Pilates classes and you will never be forced to or put into any positions, which are damaging to you or you can’t do. Even if you are super fit, taking regular Pilates classes give you an insight into your body so that you’re able to discover more about yourself. Pilates is all about the quality of movement, not the speed at which you do it. It’s about making adjustments to alignment so that your muscles start to learn the correct recruitment patterns in order to benefit core stability and joint health, thus reducing the occurrence of injuries. If you have any medical conditions or concerns, we will be happy to discuss these, however we are not medical practitioners so will always seek advice from a suitably qualified practitioner with your permission, prior to you commencing any classes.

What are classes like?

Body Control Pilates® classes are kept to a maximum of 12 but ideally we like to operate with no more than 8 people. We focus on quality of movement and like to ensure you understand the reason for doing each of the exercises you’re being taught. Once you are performing an exercise, your teacher will walk around the room and look to see if you’re performing the exercise to the best of your ability and to help you work towards obtaining your full range of movement and fitness goals. This may mean you are offered verbal, visual or tactile corrections. Please inform us if you are uncomfortable with a hands-on approach, prior to joining. Depending on the client, some people may be asked to perform different exercises or modified versions, which will be more suitable to their safety and on-going health requirements. Background music is often played, but it is not an exercise to music programme. If you have any injuries since the last class, please be sure to inform your teacher prior to class starting. If you have any questions about the class or would like further ‘homework’, then please discuss this after the class.

Before Joining a Group Class

We will need you to complete an enrolment form, which will ensure we are aware of any injury, or medical condition which could affect your ability to take part in a class. It will also allow us to accommodate your requirements in our lessons plans and to offer you guidance on the suitability of certain exercises. 

Booking and payment details

We're sure you'll love your first class of Pilates but if you are new can appreciate you may not want to commit to a full block of lessons. For that reason, the first class is seen as a taster and costs £8 or £9 depending on whether it's evening or daytime. Most classes are term bookings only in order to guarantee your space, however, on Wednesdays in Edgefield at 9.30-10.30 and at The Studio in Kelling at 2.45-3.45, plus in Blakeney on Friday 11.00-12.00pm, we offer a drop in class at £10 per session. These classes are only available to clients that have either attended a Private 1-1 or other Full Motion Pilates Classes and an enrolment form must be completed before joining. These classes are subject to availability so you must book in advance. Should you not be able to make one of your classes, if there is space available, you will be able to make up your missed lesson in another class in the same term (subject to availability). For Private Sessions, our rate is £40 per hour. We accept payment by cheque (£2 surcharge), made payable to Full Motion Pilates Ltd, via online banking and of course cash. Full payment for the remainder of a term is required prior to or on the day of the second class and if you’re making a repeat booking, payment is required at least one week before the start of the next term, in order to reserve your space. If you would like to join part way through a term, this is fine. Please contact us for more details. Most Group Classes are £8 per session and total payment depends on the length of the term – usually 5 or 6 weeks. Online banking details: Account - Full Motion Pilates Ltd, Account number - 23426521, Sort code 20-45-45.

Term Times

Terms are usually 5 or 6 weeks long and in the most part run along with the local school terms. Private sessions can be taken at any time of the year and are subject to teacher availability. Your teacher will advise you at least one week prior to the end of the current term, what the dates and payment will be for the next term.  



Waiting List

As our classes are small so they do get booked up. However, The Foundation Class, which only runs for 4 weeks, does move people onto the Beginners Class after the 4 weeks if they are ready, so it is likely that available spaces will come around every 4 weeks. We are happy to add you to our waiting list for certain times and days for other classes.

What to wear and bring

Ideally it is best to wear something close fitting. Tighter clothes give an indication of how your body is responding to the exercise you’re performing. Try not to wear anything with a thick waist-band as you’ll find it may dig into to your back when laying down and bring a warm layer, just in case the room is cool. You won’t need to wear shoes or trainers as we like to use our feet and shoes restrict the full movement potential of the foot. We do recommend ToeSox or ToeToe socks or bare feet. Normal socks can also be worn, but unlike the ToeSox and ToeToes, they don’t offer any grip, which can be as annoying as it is dangerous if you slip. If you have long hair, then be mindful that when lying down we will always try and place your head in its neutral position. This means pony tails and buns may hinder you. If you have your own mat then please bring this, otherwise we do have mats and head cushions for you to use. It may be useful to bring a small towel for extra cushioning with you, particularly if you find side lying uncomfortable.

Specialist Sessions

Whether you're into Golf, Tennis, Bowls or any other sport, Full Motion Pilates can offer small specialised 4 week Pilates programmes which are tailored to your chosen sport, helping you to develop core strength and ultimately improve your sporting performance. The increased range of movement that Pilates will give you will result in the potential for longer drives in Golf and improve your movement, power and overall game in Tennis.


Private Sessions

Full Motion Pilates offer private classes to individuals to help them meet their specific fitness goals. We offer sessions to clients that find it difficult to make it to a class, or want a more personalised programme that is entirely focused on their body. Small parties or small group sessions are also offered, whether it’s for a hen party, weekend or holiday break and there are a few of you that would like a class, Full Motion Pilates can offer what you need. Please contact us for more information and prices. Please note our cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds to term bookings during a term are only given in exceptional circumstances. Individual classes are non refundable and not transferable among friends/family. Should you be unable to join your usual class on one occasion, it is possible to take an alternative class in the same term, if there is space available. It is not possible to make up missed classes in future terms and all make up's should be requested during the current term. Please note whilst make up's are offered, they are not guaranteed. Any pre booked term, course or private session not cancelled within 48 hours notice of the start date will be charged for in full. If for any reason due to teacher training or illness your class is cancelled, you will either be offered an alternative class or a refund for the individual class. This price will vary depending on the class you attend. Cancellations to drop in classes will result in a 50% charge being incurred if 24hrs notice is given or 100% charge with less than 24hrs notice or a no show. 



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