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Jayne's Pilates Story

Always on the go

Always on the goAs an active person, sitting still or lying down and doing things slowing has always been a challenge for me. I could never understand in my early 20’s why anyone would want to go to a Yoga class to meditate and bend, when they could be jumping around the lounge to a home workout or pounding themselves silly in a Step or Aerobics class at the local gym. As for Pilates, well, not many people had even heard of it, let alone tried it then. Fast-forward 15 years and in my mid thirties, I discovered running. Great I thought, a free cardio workout, fresh air, music blasting through the earphones and the freedom to run wherever and whenever the mood took me. Bliss!

Help, my body is wearing out!

Escape the officeAs I hit my late thirties, I discovered to my disappointment that things were starting to go wrong: pulled Achilles tendons, nagging lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, to name but a few minor ailments. Corporate life wasn’t helping either. Long periods of driving up and down the country, hours sitting at a desk working on spreadsheets, then a burst of running. It wasn’t the ideal way to maintain a healthy body, let alone a healthy mind. I needed something different: something to maintain my fitness yet challenge my mind and body, something to help with the backache and pulled muscles. I needed someone to teach me how to use my body in a kind way, a way which would allow me to continue doing the things I love (including running) and allow me to exercise and continue living an active lifestyle until the day I die. Step forward Pilates!

Finding Pilates

Pilates matMy lovely friend Sarah, who lives hours away and always looks amazingly fit and healthy, is a Pilates Teacher. She always used to tell me how great Pilates was and I was really keen to try it for myself.

Being too far away to try her classes, I started a Fitness Pilates class at the local sports centre and became hooked. My appetite for Pilates was unleashed and I wanted to explore more. I visited a Body Control Pilates class. What a difference! At first, I hate to admit, I was very slightly bored. It was too slow, too controlled and too precise. I decided to persevere, knowing that if Body Control Pilates has almost 1,400 teachers working in 40 countries, there was a very good chance that I was missing something.

To my surprise the slow, precise movements encouraged me to become more mindful about how and what I was moving. It taught me about correct joint alignment, breathing correctly, good posture, use of my core to support my body. Precision, focus and concentration to achieve the correct positions, left me feeling calmer, energised and refreshed after each class. No rushing, no wasted energy, movement of the whole body, connection of the mind and tips on alignment to help with my everyday life, from standing in the queue at the supermarket, to running, gardening and even a better driving position. From there I’ve gone onto teach the Body Control Pilates Method and want to share the amazing gift of movement to all ages and abilities. Movement is freedom!

Pilates for everyone

Pilates for everyone, anywhereMy wish is for everyone to at least try Pilates once, to see how easy it is to get started, how much better you feel having done a class and how it can fit with your own fitness goals. You may want a gentle workout, you may want to blast your body and really challenge yourself. You may just want to recover from an operation or ease back to exercise after having a baby. Whatever you want, Pilates will help oil the wheels of your car and keep it ticking along nicely allowing you to move freely all day, every day. I’m confident, you’ll love it as much as I do and if you sign up for a term as a new client, you'll get your first class free!

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