I met Jayne at a village do in the summer and was impressed by her enthusiasm and energy about Pilates. Having resisted trying Pilates despite nagging from friends that it would be good for my core, there was no excuse, as I live next door to the village hall! Well, having now attended 11 sessions all I can say is that I wish I had started years ago. The hour with Jayne flies by as she goes through the exercises, varying them each week to keep the class focused, but suggesting easier exercises for those with the odd creaks or strains. I definitely have felt the benefit and urge others to try Pilates with Jayne.

Jane Harrison, Edgefield.

After several years of no exercise and despondency due to a damaged back, it has been a great relief to have Jayne as a new teacher...3 months in to weekly Pilates sessions with her and I am noticing a lot of difference with better movement and strength to areas that clearly very much needed it! I am SO looking forward to developing further as the months progress and know that Jayne's classes will make a very marked difference in my strength and day to day abilities, and reduction in stiffness, aches and pains, as it already has.  The classes are very relaxed, despite the good work being done, and the speed at which the hour goes is telling as to how good the classes are! Jayne is very calm and kind, yet clear to ensure techniques are accurately taught and learnt by all who attend. I whole-heartedly recommend Jayne's Pilates classes.

Ellie Frost, Edgefield.

We have always been very active since being gymnasts in our youth. Now in our eighties we swim regularly and had felt that it was enough at our age. However, our daughter who has regularly been attending Pilates classes for a few years, was constantly urging us to join her. We made various excuses as we felt as two oldies it would not be suitable for us. Then, Jayne and Full Motion Pilates came to our village, which took very little effort to attend and so, we gave it a try. How we wish we had taken our daughter’s advice and tried Pilates earlier!  We already feel the benefit after only a few sessions and our age did not signify, as it was suitable for all ages and abilities. We are now very enthusiastic, given the difference it is making to our feeling of wellbeing and general health. Everyone should try it, you may find it could change your life, Thank you Pilates, for changing our lives for the better.

Dawn and Terry, Edgefield.

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