Pilates Guiding Principles

Pilates Guiding principles

Concentrate & Relax with Pilates

  • Concentration - consciously working through movements whilst performing an exercise is key to understanding how your body feels. In order to change the way you do something or to do something with precision, your body and mind need to work together to really focus. 
  • Relaxation - without being relaxed, it is difficult to concentrate and to move effectively. Working on mindful movement and your breathing will allow you to become focused and therefore release tension held in the body an be more relaxed. Tension held in the body will result on already overactive muscles, taking over and dominating the exercise.
  • Alignment - correct alignment at the start of an exercise and precision of movement during it, is not only important for helping focus the mind, but it also it means that your joints and muscles are in the most natural, neutral positions, so that the forces of gravity are evenly distributed and the correct movement patterns can be established. Muscles will start to learn the correct positions to improve your posture.
  • Breathing - learning the Pilates breathing patterns, not only helps with relaxation and concentration, but it also helps with the stabilisation process during the movements and encourages good oxygen flow to the muscles.
  • Centring (core stability) - learning how to recruit the deep stabilising muscles of the core will help you build a strong body, capable of good balance and a strong foundation from which to move other parts of your body. All Pilates movements start from a strong centre, this way you don't overwork other muscles which then overcompensate for a lack of core strength.
  • Coordination - all Pilates excersises should be performed thoughtfully and in a controlled manner. Learning parts of exercises and then bringing them together as one, allows the mind and body to work on good coordination, which leads to good balance, mobility and control. 
  • Flowing movements - in our daily lives we want our movements to flow. Pilates is no different. Exercises are designed to be graceful and flowing, working from a strong core with balance and coordination. Working through or toward full range of movement in the joints or spine in class helps us bend, lift, stretch and perform daily activities without being jerky, stiff or awkward.
  • Stamina - Pilates exercises are performed with a low amount of repetitions to encourage quality not quantity of movement. Once you have mastered each exercise then we can increase the challenge in order to help build your stamina and muscular endurance.    
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